Character Outline

Dr. Genevieve Woolong


Charismatic, intelligent, and enigmatic, Dr. Woolong can be both charming and intimidating. She is strategic and always seems to be several steps ahead of her opponents.


Dr. Woolong's past is shrouded in mystery. Rumors suggest that she was once a brilliant scientist working on top-secret government projects before founding Woolong Corporation.


Dr. Woolong's motivations are unclear but seem to be related to achieving absolute control over the galactic economy and ensuring the dominance of her company.


Dr. Woolong is female, very professional and composed, ruthless, is believed to be in her late 50s, however she appears much younger, with flowing red hair and piercing green eyes. She dresses in event appropriate attire of elegant suits, or flattering dresses and often wears a unique pin with the Woolong Corporation logo.